iBiology is hiring

By: Shannon Behrman
Date: July 17, 2019

We are happy to announce two unique job opportunities at iBiology! Come join our team and help develop iBiology’s efforts in science education, communication, and professional development.

Assistant Director of Research Talks and Outreach:
iBiology is seeking a full-time Assistant Director of Research Talks and Outreach who will continue iBiology's efforts to develop high quality scientific talks and science videos, and disseminate them to our worldwide audience.

Career and Professional Development Fellowship:
iBiology is seeking a full-time Career and Professional Development Fellow who will continue to develop our efforts in providing high quality career and professional development courses and videos for life scientists. This is a 10-12 month fellowship for individuals interested in gaining real-world experience in developing, marketing, and evaluating online science education resources for life science graduate students and postdoctoral scientists.

To learn more about the jobs and how to apply, visit iBiology.org and click on the links under "iBiology is Hiring.”