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We want to help you do good science.

iBiology Courses is dedicated to bringing you courses that help you do good science and enhance your career and professional development.

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Build Your Research Community Course
Thumbnail illustration for Career Planning for Early Career Scientists.
Career Planning for Early Career Scientists
Thumbnail illustration for Share Your Research: How to Give a Good Talk.
Share Your Research: How to Give a Good Talk
Thumbnail illustration for Planning Your Scientific Journey.
Planning Your Scientific Journey
Thumbnail illustration for Let's Experiment : A Guide for Scientists Working at the Bench.
Let's Experiment : A Guide for Scientists Working at the Bench
Thumbnail illustration for Business Concepts for Life Scientists.
Business Concepts for Life Scientists
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Demo Course
Thumbnail illustration for Strategies for Effective Public Engagement.
Strategies for Effective Public Engagement

World-class Instructors

Our courses feature videos by top scientists and teachers from around the world.

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Peer Interaction

Our courses encourage peer-to-peer interaction, because that's where learning happens. Join a community of like-minded students and professionals who want to learn more about biology and doing good science.

Rave Reviews

Graduate students, post docs and undergrads alike tell us they enjoy and benefit from our courses.

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iBiology Courses is based on a custom-made e-Learning platform developed in the iBiology tech labs. It's hand-crafted to provide the best possible learning experience for you and your iBiology Courses peers

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