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Build Your Research Community Course
Learn evidence-based techniques and strategies to find and build productive relationships with your primary research advisors, thesis committee, and other mentors during graduate school.
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Career Planning for Early Career Scientists
How do you take ownership of your career and plan for the next steps? This course will provide you with skills to create an actionable plan and prepare you to achieve your desired career goals using the Individual Development Plan (IDP) as a framewor
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Share Your Research: How to Give a Good Talk
This free course guides you through the steps of creating and delivering a good research talk. You'll develop a detailed plan for your talk while learning techniques and strategies for delivering it in an engaging and effective way.
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The Trainee Podcast
Listen to thought-provoking conversations on mentor-mentee relationships & learn realistic strategies to navigate your own sticky research advisor situations.
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Planning Your Scientific Journey
This course offers concrete tools and practical advice to help you navigate the most challenging aspects of developing and planning a research project. You'll learn how to ask a good scientific question, establish a clear plan of action, and seek adv
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Let's Experiment : A Guide for Scientists Working at the Bench
Learn strategies for successful experimental design, tips to avoid bias, and insights to improve reproducibility with in-depth case studies.
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Business Concepts for Life Scientists
This course is aimed at enhancing PhD scientists' understanding of foundational business concepts to prepare those who want to start their own labs, and inform scientists who want to go into industry.
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Strategies for Effective Public Engagement
When done right, public engagement involves intentional and mutually beneficial interactions between scholars and a range of audiences resulting in positive societal change. This course will teach you key principles and strategies to practice effecti
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Demo Course
A quick introduction to the iBiology Courses platform.