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Registrations and enrollment on this e-Learning site are now closed. Please sign up on our next generation iBiology Courses “V2” platform to take any of our courses.


If you do use the site and experience a problem, you can email and we'll do our best to resolve the issue.


Is iBiology Courses closed?

Not at all! We've just moved to a new, improved site we call iBiology Courses V2. You can sign up with this site here: In mid-2021 we will shut this site down and move the domain to point to this new site. Students who are currently registered and enrolled in classes on this site can continue to use it until we shut the site down.

If I have an account on V1 do I need to create a new account on V2?

Yes. Your account information and previous course work will not be transferred between V1 and V2. You can use the same username if it is still available on V2, otherwise please pick a new username.

Where can I find iBiology's main public site and content?

For current iBiology content, including the latest open-access videos, please visit

What is Open EdX?

The Open edX platform is a free--and open source--course management system (CMS) that was originally developed by edX. iBiology is using Open EdX as a platform to distribute online learning modules.

Where can I learn more about Open EdX and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)?

If you're new to Open EdX and MOOCs and want to learn more about how to use sites such as this one, the following sites and documents are helpful.