iBiology Courses Now Offers Open Badges

By: Daniel McQuillen
Date: April 6, 2022

You've taken time out of your busy schedule to take classes on iBiology Courses and learn from our world-class speakers. You've watched the videos. You've done the assessments. You've built yourself a research plan or a strategy for your next presentation.

You deserve some acknowledgement and a way to share your achievements with others in your community!

In the past, we've offered printable cetificates for those of you who've completed the requirements to pass a course. But it's 2022 and there has to be a better way of sharing information about your achievements. There is -- digital badges.

In our most recently update, we've added digital badges ( often simply called "badges" ) to our four main courses, so you now have another way of sharing your achievements on other sites.

If you're not familiar with badges, they're really quite interesting. Basically, digital badges are digital images (either .png or .svg format) that contain information about your achievement baked directly into the image file. You can post the image on your site, feature it as part of your LinkedIn profile, or share it as part of a message on Twitter.

But what about that "open" term? "Open" digital badges are a standardized format for digital badges that ensures these information-packed badges are portable, shareable and serve as a great way to prove to others in a verifiable way that you've earned an achievement. You can read more about open badges here, but the short story is: we're ready to give you some badges!

We are using Badgr (http://info.badgr.com) to provide you with an open badge if you pass one of the following courses:

  • Planning Your Scientific Journey
  • Let's Experiment
  • Business Concepts for Scientists
  • Sharing Your Research

When you pass one of these courses, you'll see a new "Badge" button on the course "progress" tab and your Dashboard page.

Sound interesting? If you want to start earning badges for your work, go to your user profile and enable badges. You'll then be able to generate a badge for courses you've already passed (via your Dashboard ) or receive a badge once you've passed a course (viewable on the course "progress" page).

For more information on how to do this, please visit our help page for badges:

Badges help page >>

Start sharing your achievements on iBilology Courses!