Speaker Bio: Angela DePace, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Systems Biology

Harvard Medical School

Angela DePace, Associate Professor of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School, loves everything about the lab,from little things like labeling her test tubes to tackling big scientific questions around gene regulation. Her group is broadly interested in the evolution of transcriptional networks in animals. Whole genome sequencing for a wide variety of organisms has shown that across taxa, the set of protein coding genes is remarkably similar. Her work aims to understand how this common genetic toolkit, in combination with its transcriptional network, can generate organismal diversity. She is also committed to helping scientists communicate effectively. She co-developed and co-teaches a popular Science Communication course at Harvard Medical School. She is also a co-author on the highly regarded book Visual Strategies: A Practical Guide to Graphics for Scientists and Engineers . She received her bachelor's degree in biochemistry and biophysics.
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