Speaker Bio: Elie Maksoud, Ph.D.

Scientist & Science Communicator


Elie is a neuroscientist, science communicator, and photographer. He joined iBiology in November 2019 to work on the development and production of an online course aimed at providing scientists with the necessary frameworks to give effective talks. He is also involved in the development and execution of the marketing and dissemination strategies of the new course.

Before joining iBiology, Elie was a postdoc at the Buck Institute in California, where he served as president of the postdoctoral association. As president, Elie organized several career development and networking events while heading the efforts to establish the first mental health initiative and LGBTQIA events at the Buck Institute.

Elie is also a founding member of the Bay Area Postdocs Association, a regional coalition of postdoc associations and postdoc representatives from 5 Universities, 4 National Labs, and 5 Research Institutes in the Bay Area. The association aims to encourage collaboration between postdocs and provides career, leadership, and communication development opportunities.

As a photographer and communicator, Elie works with marketing and communication teams at his employers to speak, present, and provide multimedia content to be used in education, fundraising, general marketing, and donor communications.

Elie is Lebanese-French and trilingual in English, Arabic, and French. When not working, he enjoys listening to music, travelling, working out, reading, and cooking.

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